I thought that my patients would be interested in how I have worked with the ISHRS this year, an organization that I am very proud to be a member of and when my application is approved this Fall, I should be one of the first inductees to be a Fellow status in the organization. Fellowship status denotes a member who has attended numerous meetings and published or led workshops, all of which I have done in the field of hair restoration. This year I am the chair of the Basics course in hair restoration at the Fall meeting in San Francisco. I am also on the Annual Scientific Committee and have completed review of 153 abstracts for the meeting. Man, I feel as if I actually already attended the meeting. It was incredibly educational for me to have been given that task. Also, I am working with two of my colleagues to review all of the DVD and online educational material by the ISHRS for the beginner surgeon. I am serving as chairman of the regional workshop committee and am in charge of approving (with my committee) workshops across the world that will be sponsored by the ISHRS. I am sure that I am forgetting some of my duties and also that new ones will be coming up shortly. In summary, I am very busy with the ISHRS this year because I am passionate about hair restoration, passionate about educating about hair restoration, and passionate about shaping the next generation of hair-transplant surgeons.

Dr Samuel Lam is a board certified hair-transplant surgeon in Dallas, TX. To schedule a consultation please call 972-312-8105, or visit Dr Lam’s hair transplant forum to ask him a question.