The ARTAS system is the latest in the development of the FUE (follicular unit excision) method, also referred to as FUE Hair Transplant. Traditionally, a linear strip is taken from the back of the head and if done well (which I do), the incision should not be detectable unless the hair is shorn very close to the scalp. This is the reason that FUE has risen as a great alternative to traditional hair harvesting. Until now however, all methods for FUE were based on the error of human hand, which can be quite variable in nature. The hair emanating from the scalp has a distinct bend and change in direction that is very hard to approach without a good degree of risk in transection, cutting and damaging the hair and therefore losing it. There has not been any system as sophisticated as ARTAS, which relies on robotic technology to perform the harvesting.

The very sophisticated robot however does not perform the procedure by itself but requires the oversight of a team of operators that work to make sure that the robot is performing at its peak. Nevertheless, the robot is the principal force behind harvesting the hair from the back of the head. It uses a dual punch system comprised of a sharp and a dull punch. The first step, the sharp punch, is used to score the outer skin, and the second step is a dull punch that pushes through down to the base of the follicle with a slight suction to elevate the graft upwards so that the graft is not buried down below. The dull punch is important because a sharp punch has a much higher likelihood of transecting or cutting through the hair shaft, which would obviously be a bad thing. I believe that the introduction of robotic technology into the world of hair restoration is nothing short of revolutionary and provides the most sophisticated approach to hair harvesting possible.

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