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Follicular Unit Transplantation, also referred to as FUT, is a hair restoration procedure involving the transplantation of tiny follicular units of hair that are extracted from areas of generally strong hair growth (the back and sides of scalp) to be implanted in areas where additional hair growth is needed. In addition to Dr. Lam’s extensive experience using FUT hair transplantation techniques, he offers an artistic edge in designing hair transplant patterns. It is this combination of artistic control and medical expertise that results in natural-looking, visually dense and aesthetically appealing hair transplants.

The key to the success of follicular unit hair transplants as compared to older methods of hair transplantation surgery is that the harvested hair is dissected into very small sections, called follicular units. These units are comprised of naturally occurring groupings of hair. Follicular unit hair transplantation procedures mimic the natural growth of hair due to the fact that the follicular hair units transplanted use naturally appearing hair groupings that look and grow like a patient’s natural hair. Since FUT grafts are so small, the grafts are also virtually undetectable. This is in stark contrast to the older “pluggy” looks that were a hallmark of hair transplants years ago.

FUT Hair Transplant Technique

During a follicular unit transplant, a long, linear strip of hair is extracted from the donor region on the back or side of the patient’s scalp (this is referred to as linear harvesting). This strip is then dissected into thousands of tiny follicular units of hair using stereo-microscopic dissection. This dissection method allows follicular units to be separated into naturally -occurring individual units without damage, keeping the follicular units healthy and intact. The follicular units are then prepared for implantation and are subsequently implanted into areas of balding or thinning hair using a tiny needle. Grafted follicular units grow in a natural way and grafts are virtually undetectable. At times, Dr. Lam uses two combined follicular units to achieve unparalleled density in the mid-scalp portion, known as a double follicular unit graft (DFU). This can only be done in patients with hairs that grow together very closely so that natural spacing is maintained.

What Is A Follicular Unit?

Follicular units are comprised of between one and four hairs, and also contain nerves, sebaceous glands and sometimes fine vellus hairs. A follicular unit of hair is a naturally occurring hair grouping. By using follicular units during hair transplantation, the result is more natural looking hair than the older hair restoration method of mini-micrografting or hair plugs, which contained as many as 10 – 25 hairs in each grouping.

Benefits of FUT Procedures

The primary benefit of follicular unit transplantation (FUT) is that transplanted hair appears more natural. Transplanted follicular units look and grow like natural hair and grafts are so small that they are virtually undetectable after a short healing period. Also, since a linear harvested strip of hair contains so many individual follicular units, there are many grafts to work with during a single hair transplantation procedure, allowing the process to be completed quickly. The large number of available grafts and the small size of each unit also allow hair to be distributed more evenly, resulting in a hair pattern that appears natural. An additional benefit is that the tiny follicular units only require extremely small incisions in the recipient area using a very thin needle, minimizing damage to the skin on the patient’s scalp. This results in a more natural looking scalp and healthier tissue to accept the grafts so that the follicular units can begin to grow. Further, using a “trichophytic closure” at the back of the head, Dr. Lam can almost always achieve a very thin if not entirely undetectable scar.

FUT Hair Transplant Cost

You may be wondering “how much does a FUT hair transplant cost?”, and if so, you are not alone. Follicular hair transplantation costs can vary greatly from patient to patient and will depend on the number of grafts required along with a series of other factors. It is not accurate to simply discuss what a FUT procedure costs in terms of cost-per-graft. Dr. Lam will discuss the cost of follicular unit transplantation with you during an initial consultation, based on the unique aspects of your procedure.

FUT Recovery

Full follicular unit transplantation recovery takes about a week, although most regular activities can be resumed on the second day following FUT surgery with minimal restrictions. New hair growth generally begins about 4 – 5 months following follicular hair transplant surgery, with the transplanted hair being fully mature in about a year or longer. The length of time for fully mature hair growth, however, depends on each individual patient.

FUT: The Most Used Method Of Hair Transplantation

Follicular unit transplantation has been the standard hair restoration technique for both males and females since the early 1990’s. Prior to FUT’s popularity, mini-micrografting (also known as hair plugs) was the standard hair restoration technique, offering unsatisfactory results for many. More recently, follicular unit excision (FUE) has become increasingly popular, since there is no linear incision required on the back of the scalp. During the FUE procedure, follicular units of hair are extracted individually using a computer-assisted robotic device rather than using linear harvesting as is done in FUT procedures. Despite the benefits of FUE vs FUT, follicular unit transplantation remains the most used method of hair restoration today. Dr. Lam is an expert at both techniques and will help you determine which method is best for you.

FUT Hair Restoration Results

Examples of the results achieved by the FUT hair transplants performed by Dr. Lam and his staff can be seen by viewing FUT before and after photos in our Photo Gallery, although whether linear harvesting or follicular unit excision is used to harvest hair follicles, the results appear the same. All hair transplant photos included on this website are the result of procedures performed personally by Dr. Lam.

About Dr. Lam

Dr. Sam Lam is a Board-Certified hair transplant surgeon in Dallas and is recognized worldwide for his cutting-edge hair transplant techniques, including follicular unit transplantation, as well as exceptional artistry. He is one of only fewer than 200 Diplomates of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery in the world, and is recognized around the globe as an expert in FUT hair transplantation.

Dr. Lam has written two educational textbooks about his hair transplantation techniques, Hair Transplant 360, Volume 1 and Volume 3, and numerous scientific articles and textbook chapters. He has also lectured about FUT techniques at conferences and conventions around the globe and is the Director of the annual Hair Restoration Workshop in St. Louis, the only extensive and comprehensive hands-on cadaver workshop offered for physicians and surgical assistants.

Contact Us For A Consultation

For more information about the follicular unit hair transplantation procedures offered by Dr. Sam Lam, or to schedule a consultation to determine if FUT hair restoration surgery is right for you, contact the Lam Institute for Hair Restoration at 972-312-8105 or email us and we will get back to you to set up an appointment. During your consultation, we will discuss FUT vs FUE options, including follicular unit transplantation cost, and will answer any questions you may have so you can make the most informed choice possible for your hair restoration needs.

Dallas Follicular Unit Transplantation

Dr. Lam personally performs all FUT hair transplant surgeries in Dallas along with his dedicated team at The Lam Institute for Hair Restoration and is committed to performing only one hair transplant surgery per day, providing each patient with the attention they deserve. Although located in Dallas, Dr. Lam’s exceptional reputation attracts patients from around the globe. For patients traveling from outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Dr. Lam offers a concierge service to help with travel and lodging accommodations.

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