By Emina Karamanovski

English is my third language. Learning languages taught me to pay attention to the meaning of words and probably forced me to become more precise in the way I use them.

Follicular unit excision or FUE have been described as a scarless procedure. The word scarless is misleading since cutting skin or scalp even with the smallest instrument will leave some scar. The truth is that the smallest scar would be the least noticeable. However, if FUE is performed in such way that the donor area is over harvested making several smaller scars come together and make bigger, thus resulting in visible scars. The intention for developing the FUE technique was to provide patients with an option of having smaller scars interspersed throughout the donor hair and therefore be harder to detect. Patients are given the choice to wear their hair short…but not if the donor is managed incorrectly.

We have achieved surgical precision with instruments; similarly, we should use the same approach with our words. Follicular unit excision or FUE is just another technique of hair restoration that has to be performed correctly.

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