Robots are meant to perform repeated, technically precise work that a human hand cannot perform reliably. In this case the ARTAS Robotic FUE (Follicular Unit Excision) technology does an incredible job at harvesting hairs with utmost precision in a distribution pattern that affords maximal camouflage in an individual who wants to keep his hair short. Even so, this is only the start of a hair transplant procedure. Deciding how to allocate those grafts in what distribution, angle, and density lies in the artistic and technical preserve of the surgeon. I take considerable pride in designing natural hairlines and creating density patterns that are ideal for a patient. Since the numbers of hairs on a head are limited and finite, it is of utmost important to use those transplanted hairs for maximal effect and camouflage. What makes hair restoration truly fun for me (besides actually seeing the end product) is the design pattern that I create when working on every patient. Every design is different and every design makes the most artistic sense for a particular patient. Furthermore, the Robot does not handle or place grafts. This is an art unto itself, and I have the best team in the world in charge of graft placement. If grafts are placed into the wrong site, at the wrong angle or direction, and with improper manipulation, the grafts will either not grow at all or grow out misdirected and kinky. Using the Robot in the right patient is only the first step in beautiful, natural, and aesthetically dense hair transplant results.

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