I hope that by reading my last few blogs that you do not believe that the Robot is ideal for all individuals interested in undergoing a hair transplant. I still believe the majority of men and particularly women do just fine with the traditional linear harvesting method. Because the hair needs to be shaved and there is a slight to greater cost premium, the Robot is not for everyone. To start, I think it really does not make sense for women at this point. Women do not wear their hair so short as to benefit from having the ARTAS robot performed in them. Also, it makes little sense for them to shave their typically longer hair just to have it done. Obviously, it can be done in them but at this time, women do much better just with a traditional linear harvesting. I’ll use two examples to explain who is a great candidate for the Robot and who is a less likely candidate. The 50 plus year old gentleman who wears his hair long and would never consider shaving his hair down is perhaps much better suited to traditional hair harvesting. Since he does not need to shave his head, he has a much shorter downtime. The 35 year old man, for instance, who wears his hair typically shorter and wants the option of wearing his hair short is a much better candidate for the ARTAS Robot since he could do so without fear that a very short haircut would reveal a line on the back of his head. The other candidate, which is much rarer, is the individual with a relatively sparse donor hair area that despite a medium short hair may have the incision revealed because of the nature of his hair. Obviously, there are so many parameters out there to determine the candidacy and a personal consultation with me would be the ideal way to determine which course of treatment would be better for you.

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