Can I Get Hairs from My Brother for My Hair Transplant?

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This podcast is whether I can and use hair from another person too, put into your scalp. The answer is no, no, there’s a question people always ask, you know, can I borrow from my brother, can I borrow from my sister? And the answer is no, because they’re antigen. So you can have a graft rejection. After I transplanted the area will undergo a very strong reaction and your grafts will spit out. They’ve actually tested this in the past and it didn’t work. In terms of identical twins, I’m pretty confident. There is some epigenetic issues that may cause resistance as well, but I’m not entirely certain, that’s one gray zone, but I believe they’ve had some good success with that. But if you think about it, one person needs a hair transplant usually the other person does too. So it’s not, it doesn’t make a lot of sense for one genetic genetically identical twin to give it to another, in my opinion.

So if you said, well, how come they can do liver transplants, heart transplants? You know, they’re giving it from one person to another. The thing you don’t may not realize is that the people that get liver transplant, a heart transplant are on lifelong immunosuppression. They’re on huge levels of drugs to keep that organ from being rejected. And so if they stop those drugs, the organ can be rejected and that could be life-threatening if not deadly and brutal. And so with hair transplant, no one’s going to be on lifelong immunosuppression just to have hair because that can cause it itself cancer, heart issues, a lot of liver toxicity. So it’s worth it. If you don’t, if you have a failing heart to get a heart transplant and be on immunosuppression, same with the liver transplant, et cetera. But it makes absolutely no sense when it comes to something cosmetic like hair.


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