Hair Botox

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I read this news article called Hair Botox the other day and I thought, oh, I should do a podcast on this and sort of clarify what it’s talking about? Maybe save you the energy of reading it, but essentially, the term Botox has now become so common that it’s only behind Viagra in terms of a brand recognition and people are using the term Botox or sell everything even when it has no real correlation with Botox treatments, which is principally used to treat wrinkles, but also for other purposes. So, one thing that Botox they were talking about for this was actually making hair stronger using a treatment to make it thicker.
And someone said that should really be called a hair filler or hair Juvéderm and really, honestly, it was just a generic therapy to make hairs a little bit thicker and had nothing to with the word Botox. So, they just use the word Botox erroneously and I think it just basically tricks people into reading
the article. The other thing that was talked about was using Botox to stop sweating in the hair area.
And I’ve done that many times, and I’ve had several people wanted one of whom has kind enough to do a video testimonial about his experience.
But yes, I do that if people have what’s called hyperhidrosis or over sweating, especially in the hair or the facial zone, which can be as something that they’re very embarrassed about, I can do Botox, to manage this area. Now, whether it’s Hair Botox or whatever term you want to call it.
It is Botox in the hair bearing area. However, is it going to regrow hair?
No, is it going to make the hair thicker? No, this really has nothing to do with it. So I think the term Hair Botox is a bit confusing, it means these two different completely different therapies.
One of which has no relationship to the other and neither one of which really deals with hair per se. In a way that was a one therapy to make hair thicker as nothing to do with Botox and the other treatment that people use the term Hair Botox for is to treat sweating has nothing to do with hair. So, it’s sort of funny these terms used for marketing purposes, but I thought it’d be interesting to cover both of those ideas in this topic, both of those ideas in this podcast.


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