Right-Brain Results After a Hair Transplant

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After a hair transplant patients are most often incredibly satisfied with everything done. Patients always ask me, is there any dissatisfaction with a hair transplant? And oftentimes the reason why patients may be, quote, unquote dissatisfied is the fact that they look too closely with their left brain. What is the difference between the left and right? Right brain is a synthetic whole looking at the whole picture, a left brain analyzes and breaks it apart and called the engineer mentality, where engineers in particular prone to analyze things in great detail, because that’s how they see the world that’s very analytical. I personally am an artist. So, I look at things as a design. Does something look better? And that’s the whole point of even doing this work.
The reason this gives me so much passion is that when I make people look better, I feel as if I’ve accomplished something awesome, or they look better socially, professionally. And so when you look at a hair transplant procedure, the goal is to provide a better frame of the face, a stronger crown and more aesthetically pleasing where you can see less scalp, maybe the whole structure is so much that you can’t even see any scalp at all. It’s created a lot of hair and looks very attractive. But patients that do left brain thinking this is what I commonly hear, you know, I wish there are about 50 more grafts on the right side. I can see a little more see-through on my left side, my right side and my left side, you know, you put a few more hairs over here. And the honest with you grafts may not grow a hundred percent. I also designed differently. Sometimes I look and there’s you part from the left to the right. I may put a few more hairs there to create better leverage. Sometimes I run out of here is toward the back. So, I put more priority zones into the hairline and a little less toward the posterior midscalp. I made think you’re right posterior midscalp is actually thicker than your left. So, I’m going to put more on your left there to compensate for the right. So I mean, even I’m not evenly put it in there. So, if you use your left brain to analyze the work, you may not be happy. In fact, hair lines are never supposed to be exactly perfectly symmetric. No hairline is exactly symmetric. I work to make the hairline, even though it’s generally symmetric, In terms of the shape I make small undulations that are slightly asymmetric, slightly different between even a little peek, so that there’s not to perfect a zigzag. And so those little asymmetries tell the person that this is actually a natural result. So, if you’re asking me, will I be happy after a hair transplant? I really believe you will be because I get very consistent survival and growth very excellent outcomes.
But I would think you would be much happier If you use your right brain over your left brain when you look at the outcomes.


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