Dr. Sam Lam was invited to be a member of the multi-disciplinary faculty at the 2013 Vegas Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Dermatology Conference, which was held at the Bellagio Resort Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada during late June.  Dr. Lam served in multiple capacities during the conference, serving as a lecturer and moderator, as well as a panelist, during various sessions throughout the five day conference.

The Vegas Cosmetic Surgery conference is an annual event which is designed to provide educational, social and networking opportunities for medical professionals within various fields of plastic surgery.   Since Dr. Lam is experienced in the field of plastic surgery, primarily focused on facial plastic surgery, as well as hair transplantation, he was asked to share his expertise related to both specialties with his colleagues throughout the conference.

Dr. Lam discussed ways to integrate hair restoration procedures into a plastic surgery practice, identifying key components of how to best get the two disciplines to work together to achieve positive outcomes.  He also lectured on the use of autologous fat for volume enhancement, a procedure Dr. Lam utilizes in his Dallas facial plastic surgery practice.  In addition to the specific topics Dr. Lam lectured about, he also led a more general session titled “What I Am Doing Now That I Did Not Do Five Years Ago and Vice Versa”.  In this session, Dr. Lam touched on a number of changes that have occurred within his facial plastic surgery and hair restoration practices in recent years.

The 2013 Vegas Cosmetic Surgery conference is the ninth of its kind and is organized by the Multi-Specialty Foundation for Aesthetic Surgical Excellence (F.A.S.E.).  F.A.S.E. is a non-profit foundation that works to educate and promote cooperation and the sharing of ideas between a number of specialties within the cosmetic surgery field, including facial plastic surgery and oculoplastic surgery, as well as dermatology.

Dr. Lam’s involvement as an educator at the 2013 Vegas Cosmetic Surgery conference is one of many events and venues that Dr. Lam is invited to speak at each year.  To date, the Dallas facial plastic surgeon and hair transplant specialist has lectured over one hundred times, at various locations around the world.  He is often asked to serve as a lecturer, moderator and/or panelist at conferences, symposiums and other informative events due to his stature as a leader in his field.

In addition to the cosmetic surgery conference in Vegas, which took place in June, Dr. Lam is scheduled to speak at a number of upcoming international conferences in the coming months.  He will be speaking at the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery Conference in Oslo, Norway, which takes place from August 28th to September 1st and will also be a member of the faculty at the Iranian International Congress of Rhinology and Facial Plastic Surgery, which will be held in Tehran, Iran during the month of October.

Dr. Lam is also a well-published author, in addition to being a sought after speaker and educator,  writing about various topics that are relevant to his chosen profession as a facial plastic surgeon and hair restoration surgeon.  To date, he has authored five major medical textbooks, has written chapters for a number of other books, and has contributed over 150 scientific articles related to his fields of expertise that have been published in various publications.