The ARTASTM hair restoration system is a state-of-the-art system developed by Restoration Robotics that utilizes computer imagery and robotic technology to assist hair transplant surgeons in the harvesting of hair follicles during hair transplantation procedures.  The ARTASTM system is used to perform follicular unit excision procedures, referred to as FUE hair transplants.  The procedure is also sometimes referred to by the acronyms FUT, FUM, FIT or FOX.

Dr. Sam Lam utilizes this cutting-edge technology at the Lam Institute for Hair Restoration.  Using the ARTASTM system, Dr. Lam performs FUE procedures that allow him to extract hair follicles from a donor area of the scalp without the need for incisions.  This results in less discomfort during the procedure, quicker healing times, minimal scarring, and can also produce healthier hair follicles for transplantation because there is less trauma to the follicles.

The ARTASTM system has received a lot of press recently due to its ability to provide the technology needed for the most precise method of performing FUE procedures.  During the ARTASTM FUE procedure, the patient sits in an ergonomically designed chair and a skin tensioner is applied to the scalp. The patient’s hair is trimmed down to be no more than 1 mm in length, making it easier for the computer imaging technology that is part of the ARTASTM system to detect and select follicular units for excision.  This aids in the precise selection and excision of follicular units.  Throughout the procedure, the patient rests comfortably and no incisions need to be made at the donor site.

Dr. Lam is extremely fortunate to have Emina Karamanovski as one of the key members of his hair transplant team.  Emina recently spent approximately one year with Restoration Robotics as the national and international training director for the ARTASTM system.  In that role, she trained physicians, hair transplant assistants and other medical personnel in the proper use of the ARTASTM system.  Due to the key role she played in training others on the ARTASTM system, Emina has an unparalleled level of expertise with the cutting-edge technology.

The ARTASTM system is only utilized during the excision phase of a hair transplant procedure.  Once the necessary number of follicular units has been extracted, Dr. Lam and his hair transplant team prepare the hair follicles as needed before undergoing transplantation in the areas that require new hair.  This is the point where Dr. Lam’s exceptional artistry kicks in.

Dr. Lam is a firm believer that it is a physician’s level of artistic vision and artistic control that determines the successfulness of a hair transplant procedure.  Hair restoration is a cosmetic procedure that hinges on the creation of a visually pleasing and highly aesthetic appearance.  It is due to Dr. Lam’s artistic and creative talents that he has been successful in performing hair restorations that are natural looking and visually dense.  Using the ARTASTM system during the initial phase of the procedure in order to extract donor hair follicles in a more precise and less invasive way adds to the positive outcome.

If you have been considering a hair transplant procedure and are interested in finding out more about follicular unit excision procedures, and more specifically FUE procedures using the ARTASTM system, contact the Lam Institute for Hair Restoration today at 972-312-8105 and we’ll be happy to provide you with additional information about the procedure.