Emina Karamanovksi, Former Training Director for Restoration Robotics Rejoins the Lam Institute

Emina Karamanovksi, a member of Dr. Lam’s hair transplant staff for a number of years prior to her joining Restoration Robotics, Inc. as their national and international training director, is rejoining the staff as a member of the FUE hair transplant team at the Lam Institute for Hair Restoration. While working at Restoration Robotics, Emina was responsible for training hair transplant physicians and technicians on the new ARTAS system for FUE hair transplantation.

The ARTAS system for hair transplantation is a state-of-the-art system that utilizes computer guided imagery to assist hair transplant surgeons in performing FUE hair transplants. FUE, or follicular unit excision, is a process of harvesting hair follicles from the back of the scalp utilizing minimally invasive techniques that require no linear incisions.

FUE hair transplants have gained increasing popularity in recent years due to the benefits offered by the technique of no scarring on the back of the head, as well as a quick recovery time. However, until the advent of the ARTAS system, which utilizes robotic technology, there existed a high degree of variability in the quality of harvesting using FUE procedures that often led to unpredictable and sometimes poor hair transplant results. Previous FUE methods did not meet with the high quality standards of Dr. Lam, but the new ARTAS system has changed that.

The ARTAS system by Restoration Robotics, Inc. utilizes a computer image guided robotic arm that relies on multiple sensors and complex algorithms, resulting in unparalleled precision and speed in harvesting hair grafts at the ideal depth, angle and direction while leaving an optimal distance between harvested grafts. This precision technology requires extensive training and experience by the hair transplant surgeon and technicians utilizing the equipment, since although it uses robotic technology, it is still operated by human hands.

Emina has been in charge of training hair transplant physicians and technicians on the ARTAS system both nationally and internationally during the past year. In fact, she offers an unmatched level of experience and expertise on the ARTAS system. Following a year with Restoration Robotics as the director of training for the ARTAS system, Emina has decided to rejoin Dr. Lam as a member of his FUE hair transplant team. She brings with her an unmatched level of expertise with the newly introduced ARTAS system, as well as a history of working well with Dr. Lam and other members of the staff.

Dr. Lam is proud to combine his talents as a leader in the field of hair restoration with Emina Karamanvoski to offer the most cutting-edge, no-incision, robotic hair transplant technology available. By incorporating Dr. Lam’s exceptional artistry in creating hair transplant patterns that provide natural-looking, visually dense and aesthetically pleasing results with Emina’s unrivaled level of expertise in utilizing the ARTAS system for successful follicular unit excisions, the Lam Institute for Hair Restoration remains committed to offering patients in the Dallas area, as well as those from around the world, hair restoration options that promise exceptional results.

We are excited to have Emina as part of the FUE hair transplant team at the Lam Institute for Hair Restoration and we invite you to join us as we welcome her to our family. For more information about Emina, the ARTAS system or FUE hair transplants, contact us at 972-312-8105 or 972-312-8105.