Formula 82M – Compounded Minoxidil with Retinoic Acid

Formula 82M is a pharmacy-compounded minoxidil-based solution that has been in development over 15 years and was introduced to the medical community in 2010. This prescription-only 82M formula can be used in both men and women that can provide greater efficacy than standard minoxidil formulations. In comparison with plain minoxidil, the formula 82M has been found to be easier to use, less irritating, and with improved efficacy for both male and female hair loss.

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Formula 82M contains 5% minoxidil, topical steroid 0.01% flucinolone, and a natural 5-alpha reductase blocking agent, oleanolic acid, with several other ingredients as well. The combination of tretinoin and minoxidil has been proven to increase efficacy of minoxidil by increasing percutaneous absorption threefold. 1 One study showed that tretinoin alone increased hair growth by 58%, while the combination of minoxidil and tretinoin increased hair growth in 66% of individuals. 2 Another trial showed the same benefit with using once-a-day tretinoin 0.01% combined with minoxidil 5% compared with twice daily use of minoxidil 5%. 3 It is unclear how tretinoin works but it is thought to induce protein synthesis and cell turnover. Additionally, it prolongs cell survival and prevents apoptosis (cell death) of dermal papilla cells (the hair growth center of the hair follicle). 4 The use of topical steroids has been shown to decrease inflammation associated with the use of minoxidil, tretinoin, or the combination of both. Formula 82M contains 0.01% fluocinolone stabilized within the proprietary mixture and a natural 5-alpha reductase blocking agent, oleanolic acid5, along with other ingredients. A proprietary method was developed to allow better absorption, greater stability, longer shelf life of minoxidil, and also to help stimulate hair growth in a synergistic fashion.

Most patients prefer Formula 82M over previously prescribed formulations. In their feedback, they report that Formula 82M is non-greasy, is less irritating, easy to use, and shows exceptional results. The ease of use with the unique “droptainer” applicator better fits the lifestyle of today’s “on-the-go” patients who desire a quick-and-easy-to-use application technology. Moreover, product enhancements that also address complaints of minoxidil users is that the Formula 82M product is non-greasy and does not flatten or weigh down the hair. Consequently, the product attributes combined with patient feedback indicate that Formula 82M addresses the major issues related to non-compliance and helps more individuals benefit from the medication.

When I first arrived at the office I had patches in my hair, no hair line, and no edges. This condition accrued from, braids, sew-ins, hard wraps, etc., over a long period of time.

I started using the minoxidil formula from Dr. Lam and 5 months later, I have all of the above, growing and filling in … I will continue with my treatment and can’t wait to see the end results. Thank you Dr. Lam for a great product you are my hero…

Lashon Miles
Rowlett, TX


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