Technique-Graft Placement Dallas

Description: Graft placement represents the final stage in the hair transplant procedure in which dissected hair grafts are placed into the recipient sites that Dr. Lam has fashioned. Proper graft placement is critical to the success of the transplant result. Traumatized grafts (squeezed at the bulb or pinched excessively) lead to kinky, pubic hair growth, spotty growth, or no growth at all. Grafts not handled correctly will desiccate and not grow. Grafts placed in the wrong direction lead to an unnatural curl and direction. Grafts placed into the wrong sites lead to either compression (a plug looking result in which many hairs become compressed into an unsightly tuft) or pitting (when the graft falls into too large a recipient site). Further, even if grafts are placed into the correct recipient sites, if they are placed flush with the skin edge or slightly below, the result will be pitting. If grafts are placed too high, this error will either lead to desiccation and poor growth or cobblestoning (visible bumps on the scalp). Graft placement must be well executed by a dedicated team that will “never outsource, never change teams, and never compromise.” Besides the following videos, please read more about graft placement on our page dedicated to the subject.

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