Like anything in life, don’t pursue something if you are not passionate about it. Many of my facial plastic surgery colleagues are intrigued why I love hair transplant so much. They see hair transplants as a tedious, boring job where thousands of grafts are meticulously placed into the head. I see it as an amazing artistic expression where I can select the right sized grafts with the right distribution, angles, and pattern to make the best results for a patient. I find it truly a challenge for both left and right brains: my left brain working with the number allocation of grafts and my right brain deciding how aesthetically to allocate those grafts. In short, it is a fun, exciting, and rewarding challenge about which I am very passionate. Red hair in shape of heart on whiteAm I the only one who is passionate about it? No, my entire team loves their job too. It is important that your team loves their job as much as you do so that they can also deliver excellence. Without superior graft dissection and graft placement which is the team’s contribution, your hair transplant result will fall far short of its aesthetic mark. I like when a patient says, “Man, I see that all of you get along so well together and really love your job!” He is right. Passion starts from the top and it should suffuse everyone there. You can tell it when you look into your surgeon’s eyes. Is he or she excited to see you? Is the team enthused about seeing you too? Do they care or are they punching the clock? This article strives to go beyond picking a surgeon based on just his or before and after photos (which is perhaps the most critical expression of one’s work and should not be downplayed) but to get into why someone consistently achieves excellence. If someone cares that his or her work is excellent and takes pride and passion in the work, then the only option is to have a great result. When you find the right surgeon for you, use both sides of your brain: your left brain should tell you analytically why that surgeon is better based on photos, testimonials, experience, etc. and your right brain should seal the deal based on rapport and understanding the above concept of deep-seated passion. Dr Samuel Lam is a board certified hair transplant surgeon in Dallas, TX. To schedule a consultation please call 972-312-8105, or visit Dr Lam’s hair transplant forum to ask him a questions.