I have been asked to present at the assistants’ course at the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery this year, which is happening next week in San Francisco. I have lectured in the past on graft preparation and graft handling, but this year I will be talking on stress management in the surgical setting. I am excited about it because I can share my other passion, which is helping others reach their potential and improve their life experiences. You may wonder what makes me qualified to talk about stress management. For the last 15 years I have been studying various aspects of holistic healing, mostly focusing on emotional intelligence and stress management. Hair restoration is unique in the way that for long hours the patient has to sit still in a surgical chair while several assistants are working in the close proximity. Not every tissue is easy to work with and not everybody can sit still for a long period. It is human to feel frustrated but knowing how to deal with a challenging procedure or how to help a patient relax when he or she feels restless is priceless. By teaching surgical assistants to manage stress better, I am hoping to help my colleagues and their patients improve their experience during surgery.

I have also been asked to help with the basic course for the physicians who are beginning in hair restoration. It is always exciting to share knowledge and experience with others and learn from colleagues. I am looking forward to the meeting.