Jude Law’s Central Forelock

The actor Jude Law has significant hair loss but does not seem that bald in appearance simply because he has a relatively strong retained central forelock. (I believe he has had a hair transplant by the way.) As a reminder, the central forelock is the tuft of hair that sits immediately behind the anterior hairline in the midline of the head.

Jude Law’s central forelock is fortunately a little more than the residual isthmus that David Letterman’s sports and of sufficient quantity to be read as someone who is not “balding” even though he is. It brings to mind for me the importance of concentrating the greatest sized grafts and the greatest density (grafts placed in very close proximity) in the region known as the central forelock, and that is what I do during every hair transplant that requires building up the frontal area of the scalp.

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