Fly In for Hair Transplant

Step 3: Travel & Hospitality


As a large part of Dr. Lam’s patients fly in for his services, he believes that it is very important to make the process of coming to Dallas as easy as possible. Along those lines, he has created a custom-built hospitality kit to guide with every facet of your travel plans. He hopes that this labor of love will help you in your decision and process to come to Plano, Texas. Dr. Lam would also like to thank Linda, his assistant, for the many months of research and preparation that she made for this project.

Where Patients come from to see Dr. Lam

Almost every day a patient or several patients fly in from somewhere across the United States or the world for Dr. Lam’s services. The map below shows all the cities where Dr. Lam’s patients have flown in or driven in from. Obviously, for major cities many patients may come from that one city but only one pin is dropped per city. To view the cities of interest, click the map below and then you can pan across, zoom in and zoom out. You can then rollover and click on the city of interest to the see the name of the city where a particular patient(s) has come from.

TripAdvisor Travel Map

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Transportation: Flying In & Getting to Your Hotel or Our Office

You will fly into the DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth) airport in most cases. The smaller regional airport Love Field Airport may also be a destination for some travelers. Without traffic, we are located about 25 to 30 minutes away from both airports. American Airlines is headquartered at DFW and may be the most convenient airline to fly directly into Dallas in many cases.

DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth) airport to Office Map
Love Field Airport to Office Map

You can get to our office or your hotel using one of several methods:

1) a rental car agency from the airport,

2) our concierge (for availability, contact or her cell 214-674-7324),

3) taxi (for Executive Taxi, contact Kenny at 214-415-8596), or

4) limousine service (for Superior One, contact 972-490-0581). View Larger Map



We recommend at this time Hyatt Place, which is convenient and features an in-room refrigerator, free in-room wifi, large television, and a very comfortable room for the price. Remember always to ask for Dr. Lam’s medical rate, which is available for our patients by most of the featured hotels.

Watch Dr. Lam’s Video Tour 1 Watch New Tour of Nylo and Aloft Hotels (Tour 2) Tour 2 HD Version View Hotel Virtual Tours Personal Concierge Service

Dr. Lam’s personal concierge, Lori, can help you stock your refrigerator before you come and help you with some of your personal needs during your stay at a nominal extra cost of $20 an hour. To contact Lori, please email her at or call her at 214-674-7324 to arrange this service. Of note, Lori should be contacted directly and paid directly by cash or check. Of course, grocery products are billed at the rate that she pays for them, and gasoline charges are included in the $20 per hour rate charge.

nurseAfter Care Nursing or Companion Services

Dr. Lam’s office can help coordinate companion and nursing services for you at an extra rate, as needed. Dr. Lam’s nursing staff will discuss with you what services you would require based on your procedure but would not be necessary if a companion would already be traveling with you. After discussing with Dr. Lam’s nursing staff what your requirements would be, Dr. Lam’s office will then coordinate those services for you.

Other Amenities

With careful research, we have included in our hospitality kit a listing of cleaners, banks, pharmacies, book stores, etc. to make your stay with us as comfortable and convenient as possible. For restaurants, we have included both dining-in establishments as well as take-out and delivery options (with all available menus featured in the kit). A great service that has helped many of Dr. Lam’s patients is that delivers the food from area restaurants to your hotel or residence. (The zip code needed on is 75093).

For your convenience, we have a catalog of DVDs including a portable DVD player that you can rent from us during your stay at no extra cost.

For Printable Version

The option to print a specific part of the hospitality kit is given to you throughout the kit as you click on each option. However, for your convenience, we have made a one-click download of the entire hospitality kit in pdf by clicking here. The option to print the hospitality kit in sections or in whole may facilitate ease of planning your meals, etc. in advance of your arrival. PDF

Patients Helping Patients

Although this kit is as comprehensive as possible, Dr. Lam and his staff may have missed some pertinent or helpful ideas to make your stay as optimal as possible.


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