Covid Safety Measures at Lam Facial Plastics

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We have reopened our offices on May 26, 2020 for after the covert crisis and opened our full offices really on June 1st, when I was doing surgeries the week before. This podcast is really talking about the safety measures that we have instituted to make sure we’re safe. We actually legally could have opened up or in early May, but decided to wait about three weeks extra before we opened up, simply to make sure that everything was in place, policies, and procedures. I don’t want to go through every single policy procedure here because of probably take me half an hour to an hour. But some of the salient things that you need to know about safety is that we recently just expanded. In fact, June 1st, we opened up a huge expansion that tripled my space. So patients must be asked to have a mask when they come in, if not, we provide a mass for you at $5, and then that you are brought directly to the room.

And in that room the door is closed. We actually have a UV and HEPA filter that completely cleans the air in the room every 15 minutes. So the goal is that at maximum capacity, patients are actually using a room no more frequently than twice in an hour. So there’s a double clean cleanup of each room, in the air. Oftentimes it’s actually four times three to four times cleaned up and that single room before another patient walks in, of course, every surface is disinfected using a hospital grade materials and I, of course, am protected from you using medical grade respirator devices to minimize vector transmission between patients. I always tell my patients that, you know, some of my patients are thinking this is a hoax. It’s not a big deal. Some people would take it very seriously.

I take it very seriously and at least, I don’t mind if you don’t believe this is real. I don’t mind if you don’t believe this, the Covid issue is a big deal, but when you’re in my office in order to be safe, I take it to the highest level. Because I can be a vector of transmission between patients, my staff and I are wearing either in 95 or 100 respirators to protect us throughout the entire day. In fact, I have lunch in my car. So I’m not even there to in presence with my other staff. I don’t want my staff to infect each other. So all of us are protected from each other and protected from you and therefore you’re protected from us. So these measures are pretty stringent. I could go into far greater detail, but I just wanted to let you know that safety is a huge concern to us for you as well as for us as staff and as the owner of Lam Facial Plastics, and then the provider.


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