Marketing Terms in Hair Transplant

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There is a lot of marketing going on in the world of hair restoration and in general for any cosmetic practice. And part of that marketing oftentimes is the use of terminology that is used to sell the procedure with sort of false marketing terms, also things that are trademarked. I don’t know if, you know, cause I’ve trademarked several things in terms of like brands that TM trademark is pretty much is a useless symbol. It means that you’re just claiming this is a trademark, but it hasn’t really gone through any of the filing where has not been cleared to the filing until you get registered R. So when you see a TM, it means pretty much, very little to me, but there’s an ethical dilemma too, with marketing. When people use terms to describe their special type of FUE or FUT or incision approach, diamond cut, or sapphire something or, whatever terminology that people use, a special fit, you know, acronyms or abbreviations. So the one thing I really try to avoid is a use of these types of marketing terms. And I get asked all the time from patients, Hey, do you use this type of hair transplant technique? And, you know, the description is very important and very helpful, but I think marketing terms are unethical, oftentimes unreliable and false. So I will try to avoid using marketing terms. So if you ask me those questions, I’ll first have to figure out what the heck that marketing term is. But once I hear a marketing term, it oftentimes just means that the person giving it to you is probably not the most ethical and probably giving you terms that just really have very little relevance to reality.


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