Mickey Rourke, John Travolta, and Nicholas Cage’s Hair

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I was looking recently in a magazine. I was looking at Mickey Rourke’s hair. Now of course there’s a lot to be said about his face as well but I was thinking about just discussing his hair in a series of photos that I saw. Is it a wig? Is it a transplant? Is it some combination thereof and really what it is? What he has right now is a wig. The reason why I can see this is that you can actually see that the hairs are gapped from the scalp. They actually aim down in the part is unnatural, the part does not sit where the part should sit. It’s a little bit too far up and then the temple hairs cascade down so a trick to see if someone’s wearing a wig or toupee is do the hairs angled down or up, do they are part where they should be, the part should be at the outer portion of the I going up and may be something you’ll miss, but it’s a dead giveaway when I was looking at this, if you’re wondering, look at those photos of what’s going on, that’s what’s happening now. What’s interesting though, is today’s toupees or that’s a bad word, it’s a negative hair system is a better word to describe it. A hair system, the reason why they can often times look so natural, is that they’re using human hairs. They’re woven through a mesh. So, they come out through the scalp upwards and so they don’t have that look of yesteryear because he has good money. I can’t believe he’s not getting a good hair system, they don’t come up through the scalp, there they’re lying on the scalp and cascading down words that that doesn’t look right. So these woven scalps, the woven toupee like John Travolta where’s at least comes up and out sort of like, what Nicholas Cage wears. Those are systems that come up and out, look much more natural. Now, I can truly tell that they’re wearing A hair system, part of the reason is that the hairline is too dense, to straight, and also the fact that it doesn’t quite match the temple hair. The temple hair is the area that really doesn’t do well with hair systems, and they just don’t look natural. And that’s what I just did this last week as I did a hair transplant and a gentleman with a hair system, just doing his temple points, so that it would support the central area. So, these are ways to tell if something is a hair system or hairpiece whether that is something that is a transplant. the things that give it away, but those are things that you can look out for when you’re looking at a hair system.


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