My Favorite Part of a Hair Transplant

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It’s interesting that I have a lot of my facial plastic surgery colleagues who look at Hair Restoration as really boring and stupid. They think that I’m actually performing something less glorify than a rhinoplasty, which they look at as the highest stage of art and to me as well, it is one of the most difficult things I do is a rhinoplasty. However, the thing that makes me passionate about hair is that it actually is incredibly artistic. So, my favorite thing in hair transplant is actually not the hairline design, although really fun to draw in the hairline. It’s not harvesting whether it’s FUE or strip. Although, that’s nice to be able to, there’s something incredibly rewarding to remove hair ready for transplantation. The funniest thing and the reason I love hair restoration the most is the recipient site design. So what recipients site design is the little slit or little holes made with needles where I actually where the graphs will be placed into by my assistant staff. So, I’m charge of the design. The reason I love it is that it’s artistic and I love designing female hair lines that have a beautiful shape flow, a cowlick lateral mounds. It’s, you know, the natural shape of a hairline with little sentinel hairs. I loved the difficulty of the thought process of making sure that the numbers that I’m allocating are in the right density gradients. So that I don’t put too much in the front which would make it look front-heavy. I don’t equally disperse it all the way to the back because if I do then the grafts will not be leveraged for the greatest benefits or if someone parts from the left. I’m able to put a little more density on the left than the right to get maximal yield on that. Or if you look at my videos on Crown design how I leverage the design of a crown. So, my real passion is recipient site design. I really do love every aspect of hair restoration, but recipient site design is simply my most favorite thing to do during a hair transplant.


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