Smoking and Hair Loss

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People always ask, you know, does a diet affect hair loss or the things that I can do to limit my progression of hair loss. And the general answer is that hair loss is primarily genetic and disorder, you know, and it’s not a clear idea of how that genetic predisposition goes forward. But diet does affect it. There’s no doubt. The diet is a huge part of of what potentially could affect hair loss but the one that has definitively been linked with definite hair loss is smoking. And I think part of the reason is probably a constriction of the blood supply. There’re also other types of damaging effects that spoke has in turn on the hair in terms of in the bloodstream when the nicotine is there. It’s not clear exactly all the issues of why smoking causes hair loss, but there’s definitely a link with smoking hair loss. So, there’s one thing that you are doing that can limit you for progression of hair loss is stop smoking.


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