As many of you know Emina and I each wrote texbooks, Hair Transplant 360, volumes 1 and 2, respectively, a few years ago. Attending so many major meetings, I realized that even though our books are still highly relevant I needed a new volume that would reflect the multi-author, international perspective along with featuring the newest and greatest developments in this field. I have been steadily working for the past two years (ugh, I cannot believe this project is taking this long) on developing and creating this third volume. Emina and I completed our two books in less than a year but this project will probably take in total over 3 years to complete mainly because the scope is far greater and also to corral all my 70 authors or so to finish their chapters on time has proven to be near impossible, or impossible. I can’t wait until this book is out and I am targeting the close of 2013 but it may be more realistically 2014. I hope not though!

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