Dallas hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Sam Lam, describes the nuances of a female hairline to better understand how to perform a natural female hair transplant using the principles outlined in this video. The female hairline is completely different than a male hairline in that it is rounded and closed at the temples without any fronto-temporal recession at all. This is almost universal across all races varying only in subtle but distinct ways based on facial shape of an individual. In addition, there is a cowlick in the center of the hairline with a rotating element that is a strong attribute in the majority of female hairlines. There can often be small peaks that jut out along the length of the hairline known as lateral mounds, which are also a distinct feminine feature. Following a ghost of a hairline that already exists can be helpful if one is present. If not, then the artistic element of designing one must be undertaken from scratch.

This video narrative can oftentimes convey more than any written text can so it is the preferred method of communication by Dr. Lam. Along those lines, you are encouraged not just to hear Dr. Lam’s video lecture but to explore the multi-faceted videos on this site that show in great detail the hairline designs, recipient site creation, etc., that Dr. Lam has undertaken for female hair loss. These meticulous close up videos can be very instructive in addition to reviewing the many female hair transplant before and after photographs on this Web site to understand better how these results can be consistently achieved. Further, female hair transplant video testimonials and female hair transplant video diaries can further provide support for the quality of work performed at the Lam Institute for Hair Restoration as a prospective patient is deciding on the right surgeon to perform the procedure for herself.