A sentinel hair is defined as a single-hair graft that stands 1 to 3 mm in front of the hairline. These 1-hair grafts are intended to blur the hairline visually, i.e., to make the line look less like a line. They are the tiny archipelagos/islands that border and float near the hairline that make the hairline look natural.

1-Hair Sentinel Hairs in Front of Hairline

What is important to understand is that when creating a hairline and making it look irregular, it is not the job of the 1-hair grafts in the front row or as sentinel hairs in front of the front row that should be relied upon to make it look irregular. Instead the initial 1 to 2 rows of 2-hair grafts that sit behind this initial row of 1-hair grafts that should already do the bulk of the work in making the hairline look irregular. The 1-hair grafts including the front row of sentinel hairs are used to further soften the hairline. I love using sentinel hairs to make the finishing touch in a beautiful hairline creation.

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