As many of you know, I am an active participant in the education of other surgeons. I run a national course on hair restoration and also participate as faculty in many workshops. I also have written a textbook on hair restoration, Hair Transplant 360, along with many scientific articles on the subject. Most recently, I flew out to Phoenix for a weekend to help write questions for the written re-certification examination for the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, of which I am a proud diplomate.

Dr Lam Writes Questions for Board Exam in Hair RestorationWhat I learned from an entire day locked up in a room with 3 of my colleagues and an expert moderator was the importance of clarity when writing exam questions for prospective examinees. We had a very heated debate throughout the day about a question’s validity and also the clarity with which a question was posed. To me, I did not mind ruffling feathers or making others in the room feel uncomfortable if the intended outcome was to have a clearer, fairer, and appropriate examination. At the end of the day, we harangued and menaced each other until we got a workable 80 questions out for the next examination. To me, I am very proud of what we accomplished but I am more proud of the intended outcome for the prospective examinees.

I think what I have learned from this process is always to think about the goal for a procedure, which in the world of hair restoration is to have a better result for a patient even if that means ruffling feathers during the procedure regarding quality control. If we keep our mind on the goal, which is to have a better outcome, we can all as team members performing the procedure understand that challenging each other to be better is part of the process to achieve excellence.

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