Body Hair Transplant Dallas

Body hair transplant can refer to one of two opposite procedures: either removing hair from the body and placing it into the scalp or contrariwise removing hair from the scalp to place it into the body.In the first scenario,men who want more coverage on the top of their head but no longer have transplantable scalp hairs can have hairs harvested and transplanted from the beard or chest into the head. In the second aforementioned scenario, a man who desires to have more chest hair could use his scalp hair to be transplanted onto his chest to achieve that goal. To remove beard and chest hair and to place it into the scalp requires performing the FUE method of hair harvesting, i.e., removing individual hairs from the chest using a small punch device. When hair is transplanted onto the chest from the scalp, either FUE or FU-strip methods can be used but the latter strip method is more commonly employed. Dr. Lam commonly performs corrective procedure and successfully uses body hair as the additional donor area to help improve one’s appearance.

As mentioned above, the beard and chest hair can be used when the donor hair in the scalp has been depleted through numerous prior hair-transplant procedures. Typically, the beard hair is the preferred, non-scalp source that should be harvested before considering the use of the chest (or leg) hair for a few important reasons. First, beard hair typically has a more favorable caliber than chest hair when trying to restore hair density in the scalp. Second, beard hairs grow more consistently as well as longer and faster when transplanted to the scalp than chest hair. Third, hairs removed from the beard oftentimes heal very well and do not leave behind a visible area of hypopigmentation (loss of skin color), which is more likely to happen when hair is harvested from the chest. Nevertheless, chest hairs can still be a very important source to restore lost scalp hair when beard hair is depleted, unavailable, or non-existent. Additionally, chest hairs have a finer caliber that can be used to blend into beard hairs or used along the hairline for refinement of a previously transplanted result.

There are many situations when body hair transplant is the only choice, such as when scalp donor hair has been depleted, for correction of old plugs or to fix scars from the previous procedures while preserving scalp hair for future hair transplants. If you are considering body hair transplant, it is important to judgethe surgeon’s expertise and artistry. The various textures, calibers, and curls of hairs from different regions are like paintbrushes used to paint a canvas. The use of the right brushes is a decision made by the artistry of the surgeon and team to accomplish the desired goals. As mentioned, beard hairs are typically firmer and thicker and work well to add central density to the scalp, whereas chest hairs are finer and work well at the periphery and intermixed with beard hairs to soften the appearance.

This African-American man underwent multiple previous hair transplants involving strip, scalp FUE, and beard and body FUE from other institutions, all of which failed. He came to have a single session (but now has completed an additional session) of beard to scalp FUE transplant to repair his previous work with a favorable improvement shown after one session in the after photo.