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Eyebrow hair transplant has become in the past few years an increasingly popular procedure that Dr. Lam and his team regularly performs. Although there can be a host of medical conditions that lead to eyebrow loss, like a low thyroid condition (hypothyroidism), one of the most common reasons for eyebrow loss (besides being born that way) is overplucking. Once hairs from the eyebrow have been repeatedly plucked, these removed hairs can be permanently gone and require surgical hair transplantation. This is typically an easy procedure to perform but it requires absolute artistry by the surgeon and the most technically precise work from the assistant team. In Dr. Lam’s annual St. Louis hair-transplant course, he exhorts his students to put eyebrow transplantation as the absolutely last procedure they learn to master because it requires the greatest artistic and technical mastery to achieve excellent results. Anything less than that mastery will lead to poor and difficult to correct outcomes.

Not only do eyebrow transplants require artistic input to create the preferred shape, length, and position, but the details of the flow of each eyebrow hair must be designed in such a way to be uncompromisingly natural. One drawback that every patient should be aware of is that hairs transplanted in the eyebrow region must be trimmed regularly (typically every other week) since hairs taken from the scalp retain their characteristics of faster growth. We supply you with a special pair of eyebrow trimmers that make this task very easy and quick to perform as one needs to do so.

If anyone is old enough to remember the Pink Floyd movie The Wall, the absence of eyebrows can be disfiguring to the face and can alter one’s identity and diminish the recognizable landmarks of a face that contributes to our sense of being human. Restoring one’s eyebrows in an artistic manner tailored specifically to a patient’s desires, gender, ethnicity, and particular facial features can be very rewarding for both the surgeon and patient alike.As a good hairline can restore the lost frame to the face, a natural and artistically rendered eyebrow can restore the luster of one’s eyes by framing the eye properly. The absence of an eyebrow is simply unnatural for the human face, and many women try to mask this eyebrow hair loss by using permanent makeup. Unfortunately, permanent makeup rarely looks natural because it provides two dimensional and oftentimes stark coverage. Many of Dr. Lam’s patients come to his office requesting eyebrow to be transplanted over a permanent makeup hoping to make their eyebrows look more natural.

This patient had an eyebrow tattoo that appeared unnatural, so she underwent laser tattoo removal followed by an eyebrow hair transplant to achieve a more natural result.

Placing hairs over an eyebrow tattoo can truly help make an individual look both natural and more attractive and is a common goal for many patients seeking eyebrow hair transplant.

At times, Dr. Lam also uses injectable cosmetic fillers, like Restylane, to complement the goals of an eyebrow hair transplant that would be to further frame the eye in a youthful way.

This individual underwent fillers around the face and eyes to achieve a more rejuvenated appearance. Fillers can be a complement to an eyebrow transplant.

Many cosmetic surgery procedures aim to remove tissues from the eyelids or lift them hoping to make them appear more youthful. Dr. Lam believes that this surgicalapproach may seem intuitively correct but in many patients isunnecessary and wrong minded. By placing a small degree of fillers around the eyes, the eyes can look even more rejuvenated and properly framed. You can ask Dr. Lam more about his fast and painless method of eyelid rejuvenation if you are interested at the time of your consultation.

Female eyebrow hair transplant – A female eyebrow is uniquely different from the male eyebrow in shape and position. There is oftentimes a more pronounced arch and the eyebrow typically resides higher above the eyes in a female than the male eyebrow. Besides these general characteristics, female eyebrows are very unique and different for every woman. Studying beautiful models, one can see that eyebrow shapes are extremely varied and still render a face more feminine and beautiful. A discussion of exactly how to create the perfect eyebrow for a patient is a matter of artistic interpretation and open dialogue with a prospective patient.A beautifully restored eyebrow should not only frame the eye but also do so in a feminine way to restore the lost femininity of the entire face. A woman can feel more feminine and beautiful after eyebrow hair restoration, which should be an ever-mindful goal to achieve.

This patient lost her eyebrows due to overplucking. The loss of her eyebrows makes the face not seem as vital or attractive, as she has lost the frame to her eye. She underwent an eyebrow hair transplant showing a much improved eyelid and facial appearance.

Male eyebrow hair transplant – Increasingly men are recognizing the importance of eyebrows to enhancetheir masculine attractiveness. A male eyebrow is typically lower set, thicker, flatter, and longer than many women’s. These uniquely masculine characteristics, albeit universal, still vary considerably in each individual man based on gender, ethnicity, and specific facial features. When an eyebrow follows the general masculine guidelines and then tailored to that individual, the result can be a significant improvement in one’s masculine features and attractiveness. Since the center of socio-professional engagement is one’s eyes, the subconscious impact on a viewer can be both subtle yet profound when the eyebrows are restored in a man.

This man underwent an eyebrow hair transplant to improve his appearance, making him look more masculine and properly framing his eyes. Note the difference of this eyebrow shape, size, and position compared with the female examples.