Hair Restoration Team Dallas

Our Hair Transplant Team

The Entire Team at the Lam Institute for Hair RestorationExcellent hair restoration is not a solo endeavor. As much as you might attribute excellent results to Dr. Lam himself, he only contributes a portion (albeit a vital one) to your total hair-transplant result. His team is the key to offering you consistently superlative results with Dr. Lam being a critical element to the equation. Like building a car, every individual on the team must be equally excellent to ensure that the car performs with perfection. Such is the way that hair restoration must be viewed, and it is at the Lam Institute for Hair Restoration.

Most hair clinics perform multiple procedures a day with different teams that rotate to perform your procedure under the guidance of a single hair transplant surgeon. The fallacy of this method is that consistency is rarely achieved. Every team member of LIHR has been hand selected and trained on site and will be the same team members performing your procedure for you in every case. Dr. Lam likes to think of his hair transplant team as offering what he terms “a boutique hair transplant experience” because it is completely customized for you.

The pride that every team member shows is critical to the success of your hair transplant. Dr. Lam recalls one time that he referred to one of his team members as a “cutter”, and she replied, “Please, Dr. Lam, we are an elegant dissection team NOT cutters.” Of course, he humbly apologized for this grievous offense to his team member. Dr. Lam believes that his team does not work for him but with him to ensure your success.

In most clinics you will never meet your team again after the day of your procedure. However, Dr. Lam believes that continuity of care, feedback, and being a vested team member are critical to ongoing improvement and self-learning. He is extremely proud of his team and would like you to meet them: