I know you’ve probably read an article or two in the past few months to years exclaiming the amazing breakthrough of hair cloning in a mouse or some other animal model. In fact, two to three times a year, a friend or patient will ask or send me some news clipping about this fact. Hair cloning, which is the technique of being able to take a hair and reproduce it so that we can have unlimited donor supply, is nothing new. In fact, it started out with some initial success as far as back as 1983. However, with a lot of work since then, especially by Aderans, the company that owns Bosley, the research has not panned out enough to make it successful clinically in humans. I know what you are thinking: if they can clone a sheep why not hair? I don’t know. I would say every year we are several years away. It is sort of like Elon Musk’s claims for autonomous self-driving cars. Well, one day we will probably have full autonomous driving, just as much as we will have hair cloning but that day is not today, just yet.