Why Choose Hair Replacement

Ten Reasons Why Choose Hair Replacement

Here are ten reasons why surgical hair replacement may be the answer for you:

  1. Hair Replacement Can Produce Natural Results
    Gone are the days when unsightly “plugs” represented the mainstay of surgical hair restoration. Today, the use of much smaller grafts that are strategically placed permits seamless results where no one can tell that you had any procedure performed at all. At the Lam Institute for Hair Restoration, we combine both technical mastery with an artistic eye to provide you the optimal result. In addition, as hair takes 3 months to start growing after the procedure, the transition to new hair growth is imperceptible to others so no one should know that you had anything done.
  2. Hair Replacement Can Produce Permanent Results
    Transplanted hair from areas that are not prone to loss (like the back and sides of the head) will continue to grow for the rest of your life.
  3. Hair Replacement Can Produce Dense Results
    Achievable hair density is dependent upon how much hair loss you begin with. Nevertheless, our technique offers the ability to achieve optimal density through carefully targeting zones with various sized grafts.
  4. More Definite Benefit
    Unlike the scores of “remedies” that are advertised throughout the Internet, television, and other media, hair transplantation offers a proven solution to your problem.
  5. A Hair Transplant Can Help You Regain Your Youth and Vitality
    Although hair replacement may not save a failing marriage or advance your career, many patients have reported a newfound sense of self confidence and a brighter outlook on life. In the competitive social and professional arena today, a hair transplant may offer you an advantage, if not simply because it may enhance perceived self-image and the image that others have of you. With a fuller head of hair, you have a freedom of styling options and can therefore achieve your unique personal expression. With our top-end hair-care products and advanced hairstyling at the on-site José Eber, we can also counsel you after the procedure to guide you in your desired look. Because Dr. Lam performs the complete gamut of facial rejuvenative procedures, he can fully restore the lost youth of your face with advanced surgical and dermatological options.
  6. Hair Transplants Are Safe
    All procedures are performed at Dr. Lam’s dedicated facility. Unlike surgery when you are completely asleep, you will only be slightly sedated so the level of safety is unparalleled. If you would like to drive home that day yourself, you can opt to have the entire procedure performed awake. Our patients have enjoyed both approaches based on personal preference.
  7. Convenient
    You come in to our center in the morning and are ready to go home by the afternoon.
  8. Pain Free
    You can feel at ease that the procedure will be a pain free one. With our specially formulated anesthetic approach, you can rest assured that you will remain comfortable throughout the procedure.
  9. Quick Recovery
    Because we use only tiny slits to place the hair grafts, healing is very fast. The fact that some of our patients drive home afterwards reflects how easy the procedure really is. If your job is not physically demanding, you can return to work in days.
  10. Hair Transplants are Affordable
    Surgical hair replacement is more affordable than you think. Not only is the hair transplant cost reasonable but you can also finance your entire procedure. When you compare it against expensive medical regimens and the cost for maintenance of synthetic hairpieces, hair replacement can be considerably more affordable. Also our method of giving you significant transfer of hair provides the most cost effective answer when you compare our technique with others.


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