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Formula 82F – Topical Finasteride with Minoxidil

This compounded medical formulation is the basic 82M formula mixed with topical finasteride along with some other modifications to improve efficacy of both minoxidil and finasteride.  Please click this link 82M formulation  for more details. With some men who report that they cannot take oral finasteride (Propecia) due to sexual side effects, there has been a resurgence in evaluating the efficacy of topical finasteride as a method of treatment with evidence today that topical finasteride provides the effectiveness of oral finasteride with reduced risk of side effects. 6 In past studies, topical finasteride did not show great promise.  However, adding retinoic acid permitted scalp penetration to the hair follicles and titrating the right dosage facilitated greater effectiveness while minimizing serum (blood) absorption. This formula is designed for men and for some post-menopausal women.  Women of childbearing age cannot take this medication and should not touch a man’s scalp for 3 hours after application of the product.


6 Sintov A, et al. New topical antiandrogenic formulations can stimulate hair growth in human bald scalp grafted onto

mice, International Journal of Pharmaceutics 194 (2000) 124-134