When people think of a hair loss they typically think of men, however, many women also experience hair loss. When women experience hair loss, it is often traumatic and hits their self-confidence hard. Many women pride themselves on their hair. Dr. Lam understands the delicate landscape of female hair loss and restoration. He has helped many women achieve their hair goals with Hair Transplant. Dr. Lam specializes in hair restoration for women and many women seek out The Lam Institute for Hair Restoration for his expertise.

Hair Transplant for women is different from the hair transplantation for men in that there are many more variations to consider from hairline to hairstyle. Dr. Lam works with each patient individually to create a customize procedure plan that that will achieve the best results possible for each patient. To best understand what your options are and if a Hair Transplant may be right for you, contact our office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Lam. During your consultation Dr. Lam will examine your hair loss and talk with you about your goals and concerns.