Obviously, there are many examples of bad hair transplants out there. I thought I would blog briefly about what is going on with Joe Biden’s hair-transplant result. Although his hair transplant was done during the era of “plug” grafts, the reason that his hair transplant does not look truly that bad is that his hairs are white, which can be very forgiving. If he had jet-black hair, his plugs would stand out terribly. In addition, what is happening now is that his lateral humps (see related articles) have dropped downward away from his transplanted result. The reason that he does not have such a noticeable problem is that he combs his hair over his exposed lateral humps (almost a reverse comb-over) to cover the bald scalp. In summary, his transplant result is clearly not the best but given his hairstyle and his hair color, he has lucked out a bit with the way it looks. Now, his Botox during his debate with Sarah Palin a few years back was atrocious and near frightening and still haunts me to this day!

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