It may have been a little while since I have likened my hair transplant team to a Formula One race team but I believe it is worth restating that here and elaborating on why I feel that way. Another example is the peloton in the bicycling world: without the team to help bring the team leader across the finish line more likely than not there will be no winning team. Many times cosmetic surgeons are focused on their own special skills at delivering excellent results but in the world of hair restoration the entire team is counted on to help deliver those results. No matter how good the donor harvesting is and how natural and artistic the recipient site creation is, the surgeon is only in control typically of those two measures and does not help in graft dissection or graft placement. These two roles must be expertly done by an amazing team. If not, the results will be terrible.

Racing team working at pit stopTwo of my team members left another hair-transplant outfit a few years ago to join me due to the lack of care and culture in the other chain-minded outfit. They would be fired, as they tell me, if they did not produce a sufficient number of grafts per hour. Now, clearly, I monitor how they are doing with their graft dissection counts but what I am more focused on is the quality of those grafts. If the grafts are manhandled and transected during dissection, the result of the hair transplant will be far from ideal. In addition, graft placement is one of the hardest things to do well, and my team is very seasoned at it. In fact, one team member has won the prestigious surgical assistant of the year award owing to her efforts in quality control that have helped define industry standards and which she has led at workshops and teaching on a national and international level. I have dedicated placers who are left and right handed so that the ease and proficiency of placement on each side of the head can be of the same, high caliber. To say it simply, my team cares as much as I do in your results. When you care, you deliver better results because unfortunately too often the team may simply not care enough to deliver those results. My team does. In fact, when you are done with the day with us, you will sense exactly how much they care and the number of compliments I receive about them is a true testament to their excellence not to mention the outstanding results we get on a consistent basis.

Dr Samuel Lam is a board certified hair-transplant surgeon in Dallas, TX. To schedule a consultation please call 972-312-8105, or visit Dr Lam’s hair transplant forum to ask him a question.