Although this blog is not intended to denigrate any manufacturer, it is intended to help the reader understand what went into my decision process to incorporate ARTAS over Neograft and other types harvesting methods for FUE. To make it very simple, there are no other methods of harvesting FUE grafts as precise as what a robot can do. Neograft, Feller, etc. methods are all hand-based methods that are very similar to one another without much difference, except marketing. The human hand is imprecise and cannot deliver what Robotic technology can afford when it comes to precise harvesting of follicular units, at least in my opinion. There are certain things that a Robot simply does better, and as mentioned in the last blog there are also many things that a Robot simply cannot outperform a human such as experience, judgment, and artistry. Today, the best of both worlds enters when it comes to hair transplants, the precise technical prowess of robot technology and the amazing artistry of a skilled surgeon. Of course, we cannot forget the vital importance of human placers who perform the dexterous work of making sure the right grafts fit the right sites in the right direction with minimal to no trauma. Without an excellent team, the hair transplant fails. Like a recipe for a good cookie, you can’t eat the eggs, the flour, and the sugar separately, they must be harmoniously integrated to work beautifully together.

If you are considering a FUE hair transplant using the FUE hair transplants as well as follicular unit hair transplantation (FUT).