There is perhaps not a day or maybe week that goes by without my thinking of how to perform more beautiful artwork for the head. Is it all just the same thing? I certainly do not think so. I have worked on constantly refining my thinking of how to create better results. Recipient sites, the holes into which the hair grafts are placed to put it crudely, to me are the height of my artwork. To decide how to create sites in a pattern that fits the hair loss allows me to create work that is both visually dense in the right areas and also natural for a patient.

Two techniques that I have been truly loving are micropunches and lateral or coronal slits. Micropunches allow me to remove a small half millimeter or slightly larger amount of bald tissue. Yes, that is very small but it is enough to be able to visually reduce bald scalp. Lateral slits or coronal sites are made perpendicular to the flow of hair but if done in a careful way will look 100% natural. When grafts are placed perpendicularly they can create a more noticeable density for a patient. I use both methods depending on a multitude of factors to decide how I am going to create the right pattern for a patient.

Dr Samuel Lam is a board certified hair-transplant surgeon in Dallas, TX. To schedule a consultation please call 972-312-8105, or visit Dr Lam’s hair transplant forum to ask him a question.