Non Clinical Hair Restoration Training Dallas

Non Clinical Hair Transplant Training Program for Medical Office Staff

Success begins with the initial patient encounter. Professionalism of your front office staff as well as your expertise and understanding of the patient’s needs will determine whether the prospective individual will elect your services. Key components of our non-clinical training include organizational structuring of your practice, creating a dynamic consultation, finding your marketing niche, and other basic and advanced administrative topics.

Non Clinical Medical/Surgery Training program

  1. Organizational Structure
    1. Identifying core components of all services involved
    2. Incorporating new hair-restoration services into the existing practice
    3. Identifying staff requirements (hiring new members or cross training the existing staff)
    4. Developing functional office flow
  2. Patient-care forms
    1. Patient encounter form
    2. Consultation summary
    3. Price sheet
    4. Invoice
    5. Welcome/follow-up letter
    6. History and physical examination
    7. Consent forms
    8. HIPAA
    9. Pre-operative instructions
    10. Post-operative instructions
    11. Follow-up form
    12. Check list (chart content, pre-op consultation)
    13. Photo release form
  3. Dynamics of an effective consultation
    1. Recognizing patient concerns
    2. Providing education
    3. Offering options
    4. Understanding the process of decision making
    5. Follow-up contacts
  4. Answering the phone
    1. Brief education
    2. Objective is to schedule a consultation
  5. Finding your marketing niche
    1. Define a Mission statement
    2. Know your competition
    3. Recognize your uniqueness
    4. Advertising
  6. Ordering Medical Supplies
    1. What to order
    2. Where to order
  7. Learning proper photography skills
    1. Importance
    2. Designated area
    3. Angles and distance
    4. Lighting
    5. Hair Styling and Positioning
    6. Photo gallery (before and after)


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