ATP & Hypothermosol For Hair Graft Growth

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I want to talk about one aspect of regenerative medicine. A regenerative medicine is a very large category and is focused on fertilizers or different types of therapies that I use for improving hair survival and hair growth. It is something I’m very passionate about. It’s one of the reasons why one of the principle reasons why I went back and rewrote my first volume textbook in 2015 because just five years prior, I didn’t use the regenerative techniques. In 2011, I added PRP or platelet rich plasma and ACell. And in 2014, I added ATP and hypothermosol. Those have been massive game changers in terms of graft survival. And I saw another uptick in terms of quality. So first I want to describe what hypothermosol ATP really is and then how I use it. And one of the benefits. So hypothermosol is a storage medium for grafts that are used for survival of organ transplantation, very expensive, very small amount, but drinking conventionally, people are using saline or plasma, which is just basically salt water and just, it doesn’t work as well.

ATP or also known as lyposomal. ATP is actually, if you think about what ATP or identity and triphosphate is, it’s a product used. It’s, excuse me, it’s a product used in our body that our body makes to give our cells energy and lyposomal. ATP is a product used to stabilize the sodium potassium ATP pump in the membrane of each cell. So what is happening is this combination allows the cells not to blow up when you take it out of the body. So when a cell or when a graft is removed out of the body, it becomes very fragile and it becomes something that doesn’t survive as well. So you can put it in sailing, you can put it in different media. I used to use saline, but since I’ve added ATP, it’s been a game changer. There’s so much better growth, faster growth.

So keep in mind that I used PRP and ACell starting in 2011. I already saw a massive uptake and results. So I was able to segregate ATP and hypothermosol as a independent variable that I started three years later. And I immediately saw several things. I saw that the graphs grow faster. So what was initially before using PRP in ACell, my graft growth rate was around eight to nine months. I started to see it grow around five to six months. And now with ATP hypothermosol oftentimes see grafts growing as early as three to four months, which is just absolutely crazy to even think that’s possible. I also saw something very interesting is that even when grafts are inserted, there can be some microtrauma to the grafts. And I’ve got the best team in the world in terms of graft placement, but I’ve seen the grafts grow even better, even finer at four months.

So this combination has really focused on for me how powerful these treatments are. One, it’s as an anecdotal study, a single case study, but I think it’s very indicative of this is that a colleague of mine actually did a study where he had a gentleman that had a basal cell cancer on one side of his temple. And that side was also under underwent radiation. So it was a radiated. So the tissues were poor because it was a cancer there. There was surgery there, there’s also radiation there. So as a triple whammy, he took grafts out from the back of the head and then he took those grafts, put them into saline, conventional saline in some of the grafts he put into the ATP side. The ATP hypthermosol Acell side, he transplanted into the bad side of the temple where it had the surgery, the radiation and the cancer.

And he put the ATP grafts in there after he let them out of the body for a long time, like 24 hours. The other side, he only left out for a very short time, like a few hours. And on the healthy side, he had saline, grafts soaked in saline and transplant that followed those results many months later. And he found the side that had the ATP and hypothermosol actually had a growth rate of about over ninety percent. Where is the side that was healthy, that is healthy side with no radiation, no surgery, et cetera, no cancer, but just had these grafts place in saline had about a seventy some percent growth rate and I have noticed the same thing, much higher growth rate, much higher survival rates with ATP and hypothermosol. So in fact, I’m writing, I’ve written chapters in my textbooks about this product.

So I believe and I’m not going to go into so much detail because I can spend hours and talk about this, you can watch my videos that ATP hypthermosol is a cornerstone to high quality results. I’ve now used it for six years. It is truly changed my hair transplant results and I believe that doing a case without it really will compromise the patient. Even if you go to the best surgeon, best technician, best assistance in the world, these fertilizers help overcome anatomic limitations and just the human touch. So even if you had the best surgeon, the best assistant doing great work, there is still some trauma during the insertion process, harvesting process, et cetera. And I believe ATP hypothermosol allows the body to overcome these limitations.


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