Hair Systems, Hairpieces, Tony Horton (P90X)’S Hair, and Transplants

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My specialty is not Hair Systems or hairpieces, but I want to talk about if you have a hair system or hairpiece. First, when would you think about doing getting one when would you think about not getting one and how could a hair transplant be effective to help it with someone getting the most natural appearing hair system. So first of all today Hair Systems and hair pieces are so different from what they were 20 years ago. Which they really look very very fake many many years ago and still the less expensive ones do not look natural. However, today oftentimes I’ll probably be the only one in the room that can spot it was a hair system and other people probably couldn’t. If it was well done and that would really be because they’re human hair, they’re woven, place through a mesh so they come out of the hair normally woven out instead of lying flat like you’re thinking about the sort of the sopranos guy that had just to lower hairline. They’re also making systems that are much more conservative, much higher positioned, the hairline is more natural appearance. So, there are a lot of great things that a hair system provides which is really a full head of hair potentially. The problem with the hair system obviously is someone of the mental stigma of having one and there’s a lot of cost in terms of upkeep and maintenance compared to a hair transplant, but why have hair system then. The biggest answer that I would say is someone that is totally bald that has no donor capacity that I can transplant. A hair system is a way to give a full head of hair. And sometimes in patients that are really bald with poor donor capacity once they’re used to a hair system. they’ll never be happy with a hair transplant because they they’re just so used to that much hair. At the same time, I have done many hair transplants and people that want to transition out of a hair system because they’re tired of the maintenance, the cost that’s involved and they don’t mind going through a transition period to go to a hair transplant. For those that really want to keep their hair system, but they’re wondering is there something that’s not quite natural with it. The biggest issue that I see that I can spot out a hair system that looks slightly off. For example, probably the most settle hair system. I’ve seen out there as Tony Horton’s from P90X. I actually stood next to and definitely see it was one, but I would you could probably do all the P90X of the world and never noticed that he had won? But the reason is the I can tell it’s not natural that is temporal area is combed over on top and so that’s so an extensive here assistant called a cap which covers all the way down into the temple area. I was watching Creed the movie Creed is watching Sylvester Stallone. And the first thing I saw he had a hair system partly the hairline wasn’t that good, but also his temper. points don’t match. So, what can you do? Well, simply put build your temple points. So, I have a gentleman coming up in the next couple of weeks. He’s a very advanced Norwood pattern or with seven is very much used to wearing a hair system. And I’m going to do is temple point reconstruction because that’s the one area that a that a hair system or hairpiece cannot effectively look natural. So, I’m going to build that up in a way that will match his hair piece and allow his result to look significantly more natural than it does now. So hopefully this podcast just explaining some of the concepts of hair system, hair pieces when to do hair transplants, when not to do hair transplants how to combine hair transplants with a hair system is helpful for those people or just those people that are interested in knowing about the subject.


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