As everyone knows when they watch Tiger Woods play without a baseball cap, he is in serious need of a hair transplant. Perhaps the media attention has focused on other aspects of his life that he seems to be losing control of more than his hairline but for the sake of this blog, let’s focus on his hairline. The reason to talk about his hairline is to raise the question, what kind of hairline should he have? Since Tiger Woods is part Asian and part African, which hairline would be more suitable for him? Asian hairlines tend to be rounder and African hairlines tend to be straighter. The answer is to design a more African hairline in design for the following three reasons. First, his facial features appear more African than Asian. Second, his hair appears to be more African (kinky and curly rather than straight). Third, if you review photos of him as a child and as an adolescent teenager, you can see a hairline design that looks more African, i.e., straighter rather than curved. When working on hairline designs in mixed raced individuals, it is important to take into consideration many cultural, ethnic, and individual factors that can influence how one creates a proper hairline and thereby attractive, natural and ethnically sensitive frame to the face.

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