One of the biggest barriers to having the ARTAS Robotic FUE (follicular unit excision) done is that you must shave your head down to 1 mm for the Robot to work. We will do that for you at the beginning of the procedure. Younger men who are used to wearing their hair short realize how fast hair grows and that it really is not a big deal to have their head shaved. However, those who wear much longer hairstyles must wait until the hair grows back in to achieve their desired look.

There are two principle ways to perform FUE by shaving the head and by not shaving the head. Obviously, the latter method has its charm in that you do not need to go through the downtime associated with a shaved head. However, is this method really better? I would argue no. The reason for this is that instead of evenly removing the follicular units across the entire back donor area, the method of harvesting is via “microstrips”. These are small linear rows or semi-rows of hair removed during the non-shaved version of FUE. The problem with this method is that because these harvested follicular units are so close to one another when someone shaves their head closer the risk is that they can show up as distinct lines. If one is going to bother with FUE method, one should get the best method possible and that means at this time my opinion is in favor of shaved FUE methods.

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