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Shoreline Understanding of a Hairline in Hair Restoration

Shoreline model for understanding natural hairlines in hair restoration I really like using the idea of a shoreline to educate my students and my patients on the proper design of a hairline.  A shoreline from a great distance looks relatively straight but the closer you get to the shoreline, the more jagged and imperfect the […]

The Lateral, Anterior Point in Hair Transplantation

The lateral, anterior point in hairline design When we discussed the bell shaped design of the hairline, we talked about a point known as the “lateral, anterior point”.  This point is relatively aligned with the mid-pupil and it represents where the shape of the hairline goes from convex toward the midline and concave toward the […]

The Concept of the Extended Central Forelock in Hair Restoration

Central Forelock and Extended Central Forelock in Hair Restoration The central forelock is one of the most important concepts that exist for hair restoration.  If the central forelock, that lies immediately behind the hairline looks empty, the person will remain looking bald.  Every graft that is situated in the central forelock also blocks light from […]

The Concept of the Lowest Acceptable Point for Hairline Design

How to determine the lowest acceptable point for the hairline (from Hair Transplant 360, Lam SM, Jaypee Brothers, 2011) When designing a hairline that are many ways to create one.  In almost all cases, my hair-transplant colleagues and I start with the most fundamentally important point that defines and sets the remainder of the hairline, […]

Phase 2 Training for Hair-Transplant Assistants

Phase 2 Hair Transplant Assistant Training (from Dr. Lam's book, Hair Transplant 360) Phase 2 training can be done in a live human patient or more ideally with cadaver tissue.  Since I run a course using cadavers in St. Louis, I can help bridge a hair-transplant assistant from foam tissue to a live model with […]

Phase 1 Training for Hair-Transplant Assistants

Phase 1 Hair Transplant Assistant Training (from Dr. Lam's book, Hair Transplant 360) One thing that I am very proud of is that my team at the Lam Institute for Hair Restoration has developed training of assistants worldwide.  We do this through our textbook, Hair Transplant 360, volume 2, which is the first ever book […]

Hair Transplant Testimonial (Update)

Hair Transplant Testimonial (Update) I just posted this hair transplant testimony of a gentleman who was also kind enough to do a video recovery journal several months ago. I am posting his results so far (as growth should continue to occur over the next few months), his video testimonial, and his original video recovery diary. […]

Hair Replacement vs. Hair Restoration

By Emina Karamanovski If you are losing hair and wondering what would be the best option for you, there are two approaches that can help you have hair back on your head. One option is non-surgical and the other is surgical.  Hair replacement, the non-surgical option, attaches artificial or natural hair to the bald scalp. […]

Low Thyroid, Hair Loss and Eyebrow Transplant

By Emina Karamanovski Recently I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and personally experienced the horror of hair loss that many women share. One of the symptoms associated with it was hair loss. Beside the fact that my hair was shedding more than usual, it was becoming alarmingly thinner. As I was diagnosed and my thyroid problems […]

Dr. Lam Uses ARTASTM System In FUE Hair Transplant Procedures

The ARTASTM hair restoration system is a state-of-the-art system developed by Restoration Robotics that utilizes computer imagery and robotic technology to assist hair transplant surgeons in the harvesting of hair follicles during hair transplantation procedures.  The ARTASTM system is used to perform follicular unit extraction procedures, referred to as FUE hair transplants.  The procedure is […]